Тесты по английскому языку 8 класс



1. Read definitions of natural disasters and name them.

1.  a large mass of snow falling down the side of a mountain

2.  an extremely violent wind or storm

3.  large amount of water that covers an area which is usually dry

4.  a huge wave caused by an earthquake which flows onto land

5.  a period of time with no rain


2. Fill in: pollution, cyclone, global warming, poverty, endangered, famine in the correct form. There is one extra word.

1. Because of  ________ our planet gets hotter and hotter.

2. The oil spill near Alaska in 1989 was the worst case of water _____ in history.

3. ________ are  very common in South East Asia.

4. There are a lot of  ________ species  on the planet.

5.  We say that people live in _______ when they don’t have enough money to pay for their food or housing.


3. Complete the sentences with words derived from the words in bold.

1. We live in the house with all the modern ___________               CONVENIENT

2.  The ________ at the theatre last night was unforgettable!           PERFORM

3.  He had a very attractive _________                                             APPEAR

4. Her daughter made such a nice_________ for the party.              INVITE

5. I still think he needs your  _____ in choosing the career.             GUIDE


4. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form –ing form or infinitive.

1.They denied ______________ the window. (break)

2.The baby began _____________ in the middle of the night. (cry).

3. I don’t want __________ to the cinema. (go)

4. They  decided _____________the homework. (do)

5.Has it stopped ____________ yet? (snow)


5 Choose used to/be used to/get used to

1. When I was a child I _______________ask a lot of questions.

2. Sue lives alone. It is not strange for her. She __________ living alone.

3. Their neighbours are very noisy, so they have to ______________ the noise.

4. She’s been in Britain for three months and she can’t _______ driving on the left.

5. Mike __________doing his homework to music. It’s a usual way he does it.


6. Fill in the correct preposition.

1. A lot of doctors were called ______ to help people after the air crash.

2. Call ______ sometime and we’ll watch the new DVD together.

3. The meeting was called ______ but we still don’t know why.

4. A nurse often calls ______ my granny because she is not well.

5. The tsunami in Indonesia called_______ immediate action.


7. Fill in the correct preposition.

1. Relax, we are _____ of danger.

2. How ________ earth did you get here?

3. Only stupid people would keep lions as pets – they are wild _____ nature

4. After the hurricane Katrina New Orleans was _______ruins.

5. He was horrified to see his office ______ flames.



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