Контрольный срез по английскому языку 8 класс


Контрольный срез 8 класс

1. Match the questions with their responses.

1.    Do you have a part- time job?

2.    Did your dad get a promotion?

3.    What does Tony do for a living?

4.    Does Sam work in an office?

5.    How long has she been working for this company?

6.    How are things at work?

7.    How does she like her job a nurse?

8.    Did you hear that Joe lost his Job?

9.    What exactly does her work as an operator involve?
A) He’s a graphic designer.

B) No. He works as a freelancer from home.

C) For two years.

D) I’m afraid he didn’t.

E) The same as ever.

F) Really? What happened?

G) No, I work 9-5 Monday to Friday.

H) She connects telephone calls at a telephone exchange.

I) She hates working the night shift.
II.                Fill in the gaps with either past perfect or past perfect continues


1.                  I ……… (wait) at the cinema for an hour before Kim finally showed up.

2.                  Grandma ……… (go) to the supermarket before they got home from school.

3.                  They ………. (play) football all day so they were very tired in the evening.

4.                   ………… (he/finish) making the lunch when the guests arrived?

5.                   I …..….. (look) for a new bike for two months before I found one.


III. Rewrite the following sentences into the passive.

1.        John Napier designed the costumes for Cats.

2.        They serve dinner from 7:00 pm onwards.

3.        They have translated the book into 25 languages.

4.        The company will publish the new Harry Potter book next month.

5.        Has Brenda sent the invitations yet?


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